FantasyCraft of the Caribbean!

Our world in the 17th Century, re-imagined to include all of what we know of fantasy. Four powerful nations: Windsor, Sirrah, Grolsch, and Incanto, vie for control of the region from across the Atlantica ocean, looting its resources for their own purposes. Much of the backbreaking work in the first hundred years of colonization was done by the goblin & orc tribes from the Dark Continent…but they have since rebelled and organized into a force who’s ferocity is feared on land and sea.

Within all of the fighting between these many factions lies opportunity. Buccaneers and Pirates ply the waters of the Caribbean, seeking the wealth of independent merchants and the nations of Europa. Explorers seek out the jungles of the New World, and the stories of ancient civilizations made of gold. Rumors of dark fleets carrying vessels of skeletal creatures and other nefarious things are bandied about…those who tell the tales may have survived, but their minds have not.

It is a world where only the bold can survive.

The World Stage

There are four countries with the majority of the stake in the New World, but as stated, the United Tribes of the Dark Continent have become a power in their own right. More than a thousand miles away on the continent of Europa, they plot and plan to take every ounce of resources from the New World.

The human nations of Windsor and Incanto are constantly at each others’ throats, looking for riches and ways to make their nations stronger. The elvish nation of Sirrah has recently sacked the capitol (Utrecht) of the dwarven nation, Märzen, after a prolonged war at sea over trade routes to the New World.

Windsor (humans & pechs)
The island nation of Windsor is ruled by their current king, Charles II, but the majority of the governing is done through their parliamentarian system. It was mandated from their king to go to the New World and keep the Incantians from taking all of the wealth there. Many of their disenfranchised religious groups took the opportunity and have started to colonize the Northern part of the continent…but the government is more focused on trade items and gold in the Caribbean area.

They have several colonies, including some control over the infamous Port Royale that they took from Incanto 12 years ago. The Windsor Parliament recently enacted a plan to create prison colonies in the region, in order to take their worst criminals far away from their homes. While they have yet to take more than islands in the region, nobody should ever count out one of the weaker nations.

Incanto (humans & pechs)